is a telecommunication company fully owned by Retrons Sdn Bhd (201401000878 / 1076948-K) and we are a subsidiary of RT Gadget International Limited ( 2244823 ), registered in Hong Kong. Since 2009 we have been the market leader in refurbished smartphone & classic phones. 

We provide high quality genuine mobile phones with one of the lowest prices in the market. Our products go through a 7 Quality Control Steps before being sent out to make sure our customers are fully satisfied.

All of our classic phone customers always display delightness after their purchase as they are able to get the phone they've been looking for years; their long lost memory!

While for all the refurbished smartphone customers, they express excitement at being able to afford the latest smartphones with top quality and warranty at a much lower price!

Our Vision

We believe that communication is a neccessity in this modern era. Every one should be able to own a mobile phone! That is why we launched to allow our dearest customers to own a mobile phone with the lowest of prices with the same level of quality!

Our Mission

We refurbish our mobile phones with the highest possible grade at the most affordable pricing.

How can we keep the price low?

We cut a lot on expenses as we started off launching online with a small office in the outskirts of Klang Valley which gives us great savings in terms of rental and operational expenses to further bring down the pricing of all of our items!

How can we make sure the highest possibe grade?

We will answer this question with our 7 Quality Control Steps. Please click here to view it!