Our 7 Strict Quality Control Steps

1) Physical Check 

Our first Quality Control checking comprises of 2 sections. This is where our quality control team checks for any physical defects.

Section 1: Physical Section

We have our mobile phones physically (housing & casing) checked at eye level for dents, scratches, discoloration and defects. Even the slightest of defect will be rejected by our QC team, to be converted and sold in our pre-owned sections.

Section 2: Buttons Section

Every phone has at least one physical button. Be it the power button, volume button or navigation button. We will press and check every of these buttons at least TWICE to make sure it functions before passing it.

2) Functions Check 

This is our most labor intensive section. Below are a list of parts we checked thoroughly.

a) LCD & Digitizer (Touch Screen) Test

b) Speaker Test

c) Rear Camera, Front Camera, Camera Flash & Video Mode Test

d) Vibration Test

3) Connectivity Check 

This is the costly part whereby we use active sim-card to make and receive calls from another mobile phone to test the mobile phone's speaker, receiver, microphone, voice cancellation and the mobile phone's connectivity with the telco.

a) Live Call & Voice Test

b) WiFi & Data (4G / 3G / 2G) Test

c) Bluetooth & InfraRed Test

d) GPS & Navigation Test

4) Accessories Check 

We have our QC team checked the items below to make sure no defects when each of these accessories are sent out.

a) Charger / Adapter & USB Cable Test

b) Earphone & Handsree Test

c) Stylus Test

5) Battery & Power Check 

This is the most time-consuming check. To complete this process we need approximately 2 full hours. We leave the battery charging for 1 hour, before leaving it on standby mode for another hour. 

Section 1: Charging a battery for an hour

We take note on the battery's currenty percentage and make sure the battery's percantage is increased by at least 40% - 60% after an hour of charging.

Section 2: Leaving a battery for on standby mode for an hour

We leave the mobile phone on standby mode to make sure at least there is a 3% - 5% drop of battery percentange. This shows that the battery is functioning normally.

6) Quantity Check 

This is the final part of our intensive quality check prior to sealing the package. We need to make sure all items and accessories is included in the parcel. The things that should be included for most models are as below:-

a) Mobile Phone

b) Battery

c) Charger or Adapter + USB Cable

d) Earphone / Handsfree

e) Stylus (If Applicable)

f) User Manual

g) Setup CD (For classic models)

h) Retrons Warranty Card 

i) Retrons Extended Warranty Sticker

j) Universal Adapter (For international orders)

7) Delivery Check 

Once all 6 previous steps is marked as pass, we will begin the wrapping stage.

Section 1: Protection Check

We only use the best DOUBLE-SIDED LAYER BUBBLE WRAP to protect the box and the mobile phone.

Section 2: Void Check

We will shake a parcel we tested in this stage to make sure there is no vibration or sound. If there is either one of vibration or sound can be heard or felt, the parcel will have to be opened to make sure all items are FIT IN PERFECTLY.

Section 3: Sealing Check

Final stage of our Delivery Check, we will insert the wrapped parcel into a WATERPROOF protector flyer as we take pre-caution in case the delivery man delivers during a rainy day.