Why should I buy a refurbished phone?

Refurbished phone - what does it really mean by refurbished? Two other words for refurbished are reconditioned and renewed. Basically it means that the phone is used and it is being repaired, serviced, cleaned so that it will be functioning like a new one again. 

1) Up to 50% CHEAPER 

A refurbished phone are normally way cheaper due to the fact that it is accepted in as a used or defective phone, then to be reconditioned.

2) Up to ONE YEAR WARRANTY period 

Though normally a refurbished phone does not have any warranty, Retrons is so confident on product's quality that they provide warranty!

3) Looks like a BRAND NEW phone 

Most of the phones that are refurbished by Retrons will be installed with a new housing along with brand new boxes, battery and also charger! If we were to put a refurbished one beside a brand new one, 99% of our customers couldn't even tell the difference! Though we will never do a thing like this, honesty is our best policy!

4) TRADE IN UP TO 80% of the phone's price 

When you trade in a Retrons's refurbished phone back to us, we will exchange it with a credit of up to 80% of the price that you bought from us! 

5) Refurbishing is actually RECYCLING 

Go green! Our earth is filled with toxic we are unable to clear, why spend twice as much to buy a new phone when you can have a Retrons refurbished one with the same look, function and warranty at 50% cheaper?