We accept all trade in mobile phones! 

Spoilt Phones

Repaired Phones

Refurbished Phones

Water Damaged Phones

Smartphones with cracked screen

Old Classic Phones (candybar, slidephone)

Please email the details below to tradein@retrons.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

1) Phone Model, Color, GB (If Apple models, please refer below for instant pricing)

2) Current condition (what is damaged?)

3) What model do you want to trade in for?

Apple Trade In Table in MYR (Ringgit) as of 1/01/2020

(Price quoted is for highest storage version)

Grade A : Complete flawless condition

Grade B : Fully functional phone but with normal wear and tear on the housing

Grade C : Minor hardware problem

Grade D : Needs housing and LCD replacement

Please email to tradein@retrons.com for confirmation before walking in or posting your phone to us.

Terms & Conditions

- Trade in available for credit (100%) and cash (-40%)

- All trade in details will be stated in our Trade In Agreement. Customer must fill up the form and send it over to us

- All mobile phones will be checked and valued before the trade in can be accepted

- Though the phone is functioning, if it is detected that there are liquid damage then we will reject the trade in

- There will be no extra credit or cash for the accessories and boxes

Please note that we reserve the right to reject or cancel any trade in request at any time. All trade in that are accepted are non-refundable and / or non-exchangeable. Trade in prices for the Apple table is just for reference only, real pricing may be subject to changes without prior notification.